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Once you meet Alma, she views you as her student and friend forever in her heart, not just a stranger passing through her life. She always goes the extra mile or perhaps if it is what you need, the extra ten miles to be there for you. She will support you in the health and wellness goals you set for yourself at any level. Here are testimonials from her patients.

Alma brings years of wisdom and integrity to her integrated approach to health. Her gift of healing has benefited my patients tremendously and has empowered them to continue with self-healing.


Prudence Hall, M.D. Gynecology The Hall Center, Santa Monica

I have been to different therapists my whole life and never have I felt a more caring, all encompassing structured guidance than from Alma. Her soul is beautiful and it transcends and penetrates my being through her work of acupuncture, meditation, hypnotherapy as well as mental and physical therapy.


Along with her extensive wealth of knowledge and wisdom of Chinese Medicine and herbal extracts, I have had tremendous life changes - mind, body and spirit!       


Chelsea, Director Producer

Alma Bella Maglaya has been my primary health care provider since 1990. She has treated me for numerous conditions that doctors would have either dismissed as my imagination, or blown out of proportion. Alma has cured my breast cysts, strained muscles, skin problems, cold and flu symptoms, digestive problems, and many other ailments.


I am grateful that she could cure my problems naturally through acupuncture, diet, and herbs, so I did not have to go through the mainstream medical system of dangerous medication and surgery.


Nori M., AZ

When I met Alma I was smoking over a pack a day. I had been smoking for more than 30 years. After one session I stopped smoking and have not smoked since. Not a single slip.


My experience with Alma was absolutely amazing. My health has improved and my energy level is way up. I would strongly recommend Alma to anyone.


Bill S., Pacific Palisades


Alma is a very caring acupuncturist and helps all sorts of complaints. Her patients adore her for her high professionalism, her holistic concept and warm heart.


Do-an Kaneko, L.Ac. Director, Tao Healing Center


Alma is the quintessential natural healer. Along with her many tools and modalities she applies deep spiritual wisdom and gentle nurturance, qualities which to me are crucial to the healing process.


Kay Taylor Parker, Spiritual Mentor

Although I began seeing Alma for pain, she took an integrative approach to my care and addressed my hormones, digestion, and energy levels as well. Alma is very knowledgeable in all of these areas and treated me through acupuncture, clinical hypnosis, and supplements. As a research scientist in oncology, I can attest to Alma’s expertise.


Throughout my treatments Alma has always listened to me, and has been willing to customize my treatments whereas other acupuncturists have not. I felt a renewed sense of hopefulness and happiness. With time, my digestion, pain, and menses improved as well. Alma is thoroughly kind and knowledgeable, and also has a wonderful sense of humor.


I would recommend Alma to a range of people, from those looking simply to enhance their health to those with chronic or acute health conditions.


Mary M, MA, Research Scientist/PhD Candidate

Alma has significantly helped me improve my overall health. I came to Alma for treatment after trying several diets and appointments with a gastroenterologist for IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).


I have suffered with IBS for over two decades, but it got much worse over the past 4 years. My doctor described me as “one of the worst cases he had ever seen” and prescribed medicine that helped me live with IBS. Alma took a very different approach – we went through guided meditation, acupuncture and a medical food diet that includes pro-biotics and no caffeine. My regular doctor approved the medical food diet and was impressed by the quality of the products. After 3 months, the IBS symptoms have improved dramatically. I seem to be steadily improving.


I have progressed to a more normal diet and my stomach is not bloated all the time and I can digest food more like normal people. I have less pain and can sleep more as I am not sick in the mornings. My clothes are suddenly too large for me. I am very happy with the results and look forward to future health improvements.


Carol K., UCLA


As I fell asleep reading last night... I found all pain lifted and a tranquil float became me. After a week or barely sleeping... I slept like 10 hours. Thank you! You are that which swaddles a soul when in crisis or affronted by the stresses of being a good human being.


Scott B. - Insomnia and Severe Pain

Alma is a true healer who loves her work and cares about each patient's well-being. Her spiritual strength is a welcome addition to anyone's life in this day and age. I count myself very lucky to have crossed paths with her.


I have had Alma help me with various health problems such as hot flashes, migraine headaches, stress, sleep problems, allergies and a general run down condition. She has been able to help with each one.


Lydia W. - Entrepreneur


“Alma’s hypnosis and acupuncture therapies are very calming and very helpful. I also find Alma’s guidance to be more useful than traditional behavioral therapy, because she is not labeling or classifying but is instead providing actions you can take to alter your thinking patterns. I always enjoy going to sessions with her.”


AK of Westwood

Since childhood, I have struggled year round hay fever and allergies suffering with stuffy nose, headaches, nasal congestion and excessive amounts of phlegm. I have not been able to find the right dosage and type of medication that would provide year round relief. Fortunately, a friend referred me to Alma who has been a god-send. She was more thorough than many MDs; explaining what/how/why my body reacts to certain environmental conditions and foods.


In 7 days I could breathe through my nose again with no clearing of my throat every 15 minutes. But wait there is more… after 40 years of chronic herpes controlled only by daily doses of prescriptionmedications, after 14 days the herpes have been dormant. My quality of life has been greatly enhanced. I experience a sense of well being and think clearly. Alma haschanged my life.


Bobbi, MBA Corporate Coach - Financial Services Industry


Alma is caring and thorough. She provided the best herbal tonics to manage my allergies and heart burn. The acupunture treatment was a TREAT and HEAVENLY. I felt renewed and rested. She is simply the best. I have referred a friend with a chronic cough that she cured in one treatment. She still raves about her. We are her greatest fans.


Bobbi D. 

To be able to see and confide in one and the same person who has mastered so many techniques in the healing arts is a rare find.


Alma's work with me through acupuncture, massage, hypnosis, and guided visualization has been extremely beneficial to my physical and spiritual well-being. She is a treasured gift for all who are lucky enough to know her.


LynnIs - Writer


I have found Alma to be a most talented and caring healer. I went from being in constant and often excruciating pain to a level of health I never thought possible again. Alma has a 100% commitment to your health and well-being.


M.S., Actress, Los Angeles

When I first came to Alma I was a bit anxious. I wasn’t sure what I was going to find. What I did find was a knowledgable, caring professional. She made me feel right at ease.


Alma was concerned about my whole being; physical as well as emotional. Alma always checked up on my progress to see how things were going!


Laurie - Teacher


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