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Treatments and Wellness Therapy


All care given to each patient is specifically tailored to their individual needs and goals. With that in mind, here are some descriptions of  areas and services we provide to empower you to live healthy and to be happy.


Acupuncture has been around for several millennia! This ancient Chinese practice is based on the belief that health is determined by Qi (pronounced chee), the vital energy that flows through every living thing. Qi moves through the body along pathways called meridians.


Each meridian links to specific organs. When the flow of energy is balanced, the individual enjoys good health. When stress, emotions, lifestyle habits or food choices interrupts this flow, various problems including pain, stagnation and accumulations can result.


Relief may be experienced after only one treatment or after a series of treatments depending on the condition and the patient's state of body and mind.


Acupuncture is most commonly used to relieve pain, including backache and migraine headaches and may be used for a variety of health problems, including addiction, psychological and mental disorders. Research indicates that acupuncture stimulates the production of endorphins, the body’s own painkillers. Completely safe, acupuncture has no known side effects.


Alma combines acupuncture treatments with sound therapy and guided visualizations to assist the relaxation process. She believes that deep relaxation enhances healing; it gives the body a chance to rest. In this state of diminished resistance, the needles correct the imbalances of the body's energies without impediment. Most people feel quite revitalized after this combination of therapies.

Weight and Nutrition Counseling

Hippocrates declared “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” several millennia ago.


Today, through scientific research and technology, we understand that everything you eat and drink has an effect on your body and mind. The essential nutrients and elements contained in food help you strengthen your immune system, optimize brain function and ward off illness and disease.


Alma guides you through the incredible varieties of food to find which are most beneficial to you, your condition, your body type. She will assist you with recommended lifestyle changes so you can achieve ideal weight and maintain it.


With this invaluable knowledge using food as medicine, tailor fitted to your genetic make-up, your needs and condition, you now have the ability to achieve lasting personal health and wellness. By eating right, increasing your physical activity, reducing the risk of chronic illness through wise personal choices, you can stay healthy, become pain and disease-free, achieve longevity and remain active and independent throughout your life.

Natural Herbal Therapy

Herbs are a superior grade of food and a necessary adjunct to therapy. However good acupuncture and physical medicine may be, most people cannot afford daily or every other day treatments. Herbs, appropriately administered, sustain physical treatments and promote healing response through different mechanisms. When they are taken regularly, they remind us that healing is a process and the price of freedom is our responsibility to maintain healing as a personal ritual.


Alma uses food as medicine and medicine as food. She insists on quality herbs in tablet and organic tincture (liquid) forms. Following the Asian tradition, Alma uses herbs to bring the body into balance and harmony. She is concerned with treating the patient, not the disease.


She will prescribe herbal extracts as well as exercise programs to improve overall health and to remove the underlying cause of disease. Consultations can be made personally, over the phone or via skype.

Pain Management

Dealing with pain whether acute or chronic takes tremendous energy. Pain signals something is wrong; it must be stopped immediately. There are many factors that cause pain and the most relevant causes have to be addressed first. However, you can get rid of pain very effectively.


Acupuncture and non-invasive ways physical treatments can reduce the level of pain significantly. In rare cases, it may take one treatment to relieve pain if one's health is very good. It may take 4-6 treatments to relieve acute onset pain or lingering pain.


For chronic pain, many other factors need to be resolved including enhancing one's immune system and overall strength. Herbs and supplements correct the bodies imbalances and may be required. Good nutrition changes the tissues and when combined with appropriate movement and exercise, will decrease the intensity of pain.

Hypnotherapy for life changes and personal empowerment

Hypnosis can effectively change your life. Whether you want to stop addictive behavior, correct habits that cause you to settle for less, quit worrying and anxiety, enhance your self-esteem or improve your game, hypnotherapy can end years of struggle over personal issues.


Now you can get directly past all previous resistance and into the heart of the matter, right into the subconscious mind. You can even explore past life influences on today's journey! Alma can facilitate the relaxation process with acupuncture, sound therapy and tapping. In partnership with Alma, you will get further along with her various tools, direct approach and loving guidance.

Wellness Lifestyle Counseling

An individual evaluation of your current state of wellness and the identification of health and lifestyle goals and/or concerns you want to focus on. Patients will receive a personalized Wellnesss Lifestyle report with recommendations for improving and maintaining a more healthy and happy life.


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